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Bia Papadopoulou


Born in Athens, Greece, in 1961, Bia Papadopoulou enrolled in 1978 at the

School of Fine Arts of Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, from where she received

a B.F.A. degree in 1982 with High Honors. She continued her studies at the

University of California, Berkeley, receiving a M.A. in Art History in 1984.

While at Berkeley, she worked as an educational assistant for the Juan

Gris retrospective exhibition which took place at the Berkeley University Art

Museum in 1983. Upon graduation, she followed the internship program of

the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in N.Y. and, at the same time, executed

research for the second edition of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection



Returning permanently to Greece in 1984, she worked for the monthly

magazine Eikastika, the only magazine exclusively on art in her country at

that time, which she directed from 1985 to 1986. Since then, she has written

on art for Greek magazines, such as Epikaira, Eikones, Elle, La Mia Casa,

The Art Magazine, and others. She has also contributed reviews and articles

to the international art magazines Art News, Flash Art International, Art Press,

+-0, Art e Dossier, Next, Terzoochio. Texts of hers are published in numerous


artists' monographs and catalogues.

In 1996 she began her curatorial work as a freelance curator with an

exhibition on the renowned Greek artist Yannis Gaitis. She has since curated

solo exhibitions for some of the most prominent Greek artists  -among which the


exhibition "Lazongas. The past is now" at the National Archaeological Museum,


Athens (2022)  -as well as group exhibitions; the most important being The years


of defiance: Art of the '70s in Greece (2005 - 2006), a production of the Athens

National Museum ofContemporary Art (EMST), with over 70 artists and more than


150 works.

In 2013 she curated the exhibition Greece in crisis, by the group of phasma2

photographers, a poignant statement on the current social and political

situation in the country. The show formed part of the 29th international Winter

Festival of Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzrgovina, entiitled  Art of Touch, and was

awarded the Snowflake Award as one of the best shows of the Festival.

Part of the organizational committee of the exhibitions "Theorimata 1/2018:

Deductive and Axiomatic Systems" and “Theorimata 2/2020: On History,”organised


by AICA Hellas and held at EMST, Athens. 


From 1994 to 1996, from 2012 to 2015 and from 2018-2021 she was the General


Secretary of AICAHellas, the Greek section of the International Association of Art



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